So I had been contemplating on switching to a basic phone (I do not want to call it a Dumb Phone because it is not really that dumb after all). So finally switched this March 2018 to very basic phone. I researched the entire lengths of the internet to find a basic phone that offered the following or at least promised:

  • Phone Calls
  • Text Messaging
  • Bluetooth for Phone Calls
  • Compatible with services which use T-Mobile as their cellular network. I preferred 2G connection for various reasons.

Optional requirements:

  • Audio Player
  • Radio
  • Photo Camera
  • Flash Light

Here is my shortlist of the phones:


  • BLU phone

Main Reasons:

Price: It is a $20 phone. Yes, you can skip eating at the noodle place three times and the fourth day you have a New Phone! Also this one seemed like a good buy before I indulge in a $250 phone purchase  (Punkt, LightPhone etc).
Compatibility: This was certainly a risk but from my previous phone use (OnePlus 3T) I had figured out that ProjectFi or MintSim uses T-mobile network. And this phone works with any 2G Service provider which is T-Mobile in USA.

My Goal: Find more time to do things I like, spend quality time with people around me (Coworkers, Family and Friends). Teach my kids that Phone is not the center of the universe. Lastly and most important – Peace of Mind, Less Distraction during – Work, Resting, Relaxing, Vacationing, Sleeping, Attending Seminars, Talking to my coworkers, spending quality time with family and last but not the least – Driving Safely without dying on the middle of the road with a cracked smartphone screen in my hand.

Did I give up on the latest technology, apps, geo-tracking, social media etc? The Answer is NO. Read the Bringing Back Basic Phone to Life  to learn how I am using my old smartphone to do some Email- Text, Notification to Text, Message to Call functions. Also if you were relying heavily on web chat applications such as Whatsapp, IMO etc., there is a workaround which guarantees that you will still be in the conversations and still be social and all that On Your Terms.

Findings: (Amazon Feedback)

Screen: The screen has the right settings for brightness. I have set it to a level which works for both day and night mode.

Audio: It has Bluetooth for connecting to old and new cars. This works better than my smartphone with 4G. It has to do with 2G signal which is very good for audio. This also has hands free mode if you want to use it like a speakerphone.

Media: You can take pictures, video at a very low quality but in order to even start with it, you will need an SD card. I recommend a 32 GB.

Radio: Yes! it has it, that is a great feature for me. No headphones required but there is an audio jack for privacy.
Many of the folks are using this phone as a backup but for me, this one is the primary phone for now or until I find something better.

Regarding how it looks, feels and operates. It feels like an $80 phone.

Bringing Back Basic Phone to Life:

Now for some good parts and this section will be ongoing:

Very easy to use, using it for 1 week and already feels like I had more time and on my way to achieving the Title ” Gurus of Peace & Tranquility ”

More Coming Soon!

If you have questions about this phone or want to take the step to go ‘basic’. Then hit me up on my email. I will respond to you when I get to a computer next time :).
If you are interested in buying the BLU phone, simply click here and you will be taken to its Amazon Product Page. Or Click Below.




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