Prevent Holiday Memory Loss – Photo & Video the Android Way



Did you recently buy a smartphone or switched but now you are thinking these devices are not as smart as you thought they would be? In any case, if you are here, then you are probably trying to find ways to back up those large photos & videos that you took over the holidays or may be these are special memories you do not want to lose. Here are one options and their consequences.

  • Leave it on the Phone! —> If you lose your phone, you lose it all
  • Copy it to my computer —> Yeah, I did it last few times, but now I have duplicates plus, my hard drive is about to crash.
  • Back it up on an external drive —> Life expectancy of External Drives are 2-3 years and if you are lucky, you will get 4 out of it.
  • Burn them to a Disc —> Possibly the worst solution, thanks to oxidation or corrosion, your Disc will last longer than harddrives but eventually leave you with a bad scratch

Did I shake you up a little bit? If not, take this as a ” Something is better than nothing” and pick the best case scenario or pick one that is the best scenario that is available. Yes, I am talking Cloud. No, I mean literally CLOUD and Google Storage integrated with Google Photos is the best one yet. Yes, it is better than the apple and berry offerings because it is cross platform and intuitive.

Google Photos comes with Real Time Backup with 15GB Free storage in Original Resolution, unlimited GB for High Resolution and when you run out of that 15GB ( Which I do not see how, but you may if you are a professional photographer)

Lets explain a few terms here.

Real Time Backup – You have an option to backup photos over your network data or backup when connected to Wifi. So if you had ‘Backup over the Phone Network’ selected, then you backup will start as soon as you have finished taking that picture. Which means, if you lost that phone that instant, you photos are safe, even the one that you took just before you lost that phone.

Original Resolution – Most phone cameras nowadays can take umpteen megapixel photos and most of the time these pictures do not get transferred to canvas or print. So for viewing on a 5 inch phone screen, all you need is High Resolution, which is defined by Google, is a resolution which will provide you with enhanced photo quality with optimized compression. Basically, you images will be resized and optimized for viewing on computers, projectors and on the internet.

Here is an example, I started using google in 2004, I have seen it go from Picasa to Photos and all of my pictures have been backed up into google photos since then. The one’s I missed were manually added to photos in 2013 (The year I lost one of my Backup External Drives – Note, the hard drive did not crash, I lost it! Imagine that)


Till the end of 2014, I had the free plan and then I got into photography and my photos and videos just went up in size and I ended up signing up for the first tier plan – 1.99/ month. Keep this in mind, I have 2 phones that continously backup photos which does not count towards my quota. Also, this storage is not just Photos, its also Google Drive ( my own Cloud C Drive). So, in almost a decade, my photos and videos have been backed up into google’s storage. The cost is not a lot for me when peace of mind is in question, I am ready to spend 10/month (for 1 TB) for peace of mind if I exceed the current quota. I anticipate another 3 years before I do that.

How to sign up?

You can download the Google Photos App on your Phone’s App Store / Play Market. Once installed, follow through the wizard to turn on Backup.

How do I Back up old Photos?

You can download the desktop uploader here and configure it to upload from your computer or external Hard Drive. While you are the desktop uploader page, check out the FAQs for more questions.

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Happy Backing up Holidays!

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